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On Wednesday 21 11 12  London will be the focal point for a student protest.  During 2010 several well attended demonstrations took place, with students demonstrating about  planned rise in tuition fee’s.  The rise in tuition fee’s was passed in December 2010 and the demonstrations ended on a sour note.  

One of my favorite images from the student protest was this picture by Oli Scarff. Image by Oli Scarff/Getty images.

The 2012 F1 Bahrain grand prix was only a matter of hours away when I came across a small group of protesters using Boris bikes to spread the word about the regime in Bahrain.  The group Crisis crossed in central London blowing horns and ringing bells.  As usual one of my favorite political cartoonist Carlos Latuf has his own take on the situation and has produced some hard hitting cartoons.

(Source: wespeaknews.com)

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