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Stanley Greene
 born 1949, Harlem New york is a hard talking, hard living photojournalist who shoots from the hip and speaks his mind.

Greene’s parents where both actors, his father was one of the very first African Americans elected as a officer at the screen actors guild of America and he was a active member of the Harlem Renaissance movement.

Greene first picked up a camera aged 11, a gift from his parents Greene would go onto use his camera to catalog his paintings while working as a painter.  Stanley was a member of the Black Panthers and during this time award winning photographer W.Eugene Smith offered Greene a space at the School of Visual Arts in New york.  He has held various photographic positions from taking pictures of rock bands working for Newsday, fashion photographer in Paris calling him self Dilettante.  Greene is a former Heroin addict who managed to kick his habit after loosing a close friend Greene threw himself into his new career as a photojournalist from1989.  One of Greene’s more notable images was of a Tutu-clad girl with a champagne bottle which became one of the iconic images of the fall of the Berlin wall.  Greene was nearly killed in 1993 while trapped in the White house in Moscow during a coup attempt while Boris Yeltsin was President of the Russian federation.  He has covered some of the late 20th and early 21st centuries most horrific conflicts in places such as Somalia, Georgia, Iraq, Croatia, Kashmir, Lebanon and the genocide in Rwanda.  

Greene is best known for his tireless work in Chechnya during the various wars between between the Russian military and the Chechen rebels which can be seen in his book Open Wound which shines a light on this forgotten conflict.

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